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Ensure that all girls receive menstrual hygiene education before they get their first period. Healthy menstrual hygiene product should be the basic needs of our girls, not a luxury.

About Us

Wreetu Health and Well-being Foundation is a social, not-for-profit organization that offers comprehensive menstrual education to the community through interactive sessions and comic books, manufactures sustainable menstrual hygiene products that are reusable, eco-friendly and healthy and provides MHM consultancy to organizations and individuals.

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Some of our products and services

Wreetu Comic Book

Fact checked by Gynecologists, Wreetu Comic Book-(ঋতু কমিক বই) is an informative, friendly and complete guide on puberty and period for adolescent girls. The characters in Wreetu Comi Book explores many things that girls of 8-15 years face during in puberty by storytelling and eye-catchy visuals.

Wreetu Reusable Sanitary Napkin

Approved by BCSIR, eco-friendly, affordable and 1 year reusable sanitary napkin that helps to manage menstruation in a healthy way. Ingredients used here are made of hygienic, safe and highly absorbent materials.

Period Friendly Society with MHM Sessions at Schools and Community

We conduct workshops with girls, boys, teachers, parents, religious leaders, community leaders and other community people to normalize menstruation. We train young Menstrual Hygiene Activists in the community or school.

Public Toilet Construction

We create female friendly, safe and clean toilet space to ensure girls and women can use toilets anywhere even during their menstruation days. We engage the local community from the start of the construction process and after construction, the community people themselves are involved in maintaining the toilets under our supervision.


Gyne Consultancy

On demand tele-gyne consultancy service from our expert team of Gyne Doctors from anywhere in Bangladesh. Anyone can book gyne service from us with a small fee. Emergency support are available. Enjoying Healthy Reproductive Health is a right for all.

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